Friday, October 21, 2011

Barn Owls, Cardinals and Eugene Levy!

Last month, two of my amazing friends were joined together in marriage.  Because both the bride and the groom have artistic backgrounds, I wasn’t about to pull something off their registry for their wedding present.  So, in an attempt to find something creative and unique, I found myself googling “folk art”.  Over the past couple of years, I have developed a weird obsession for outsider art…I can’t really say when or why it started, but I remember seeing something about Butch Anthony on American Pickers and thinking, “That’s it.  I’m in love with folk art!”

One of the hits I got when googling “folk art” was Yard Dog, a contemporary folk art gallery located in Austin, Texas, and right away I saw a piece that blew me away.  It was a painted Hank Williams woodcut by Lisa Brawn and instantly I needed to know more.  After spending an hour (or more) on her website, I decided that I had to have at least 20 of her painted woodcuts!  Lisa Brawn's work is truly captivating.  The colors are so vibrant and her one-of-a-kind technique is clever.  She makes woodcuts out of Douglas Fir, but she doesn’t print them - she paints them, creating a nice layering of texture.  Another thing I like about her work is the subject matter - in addition to owls and loons, she's painted everyone from Ghandi to Joe Strummer. 

In the end, I didn’t purchase ANY folk art for my friends, but I definitely found a new favorite artist!  Let me know what you think, and go check out the rest of her work on her website:

          Cher | © 2009 Lisa Brawn                  Eugene Levy | © 2009 Lisa Brawn         Burt Reynolds | © 2009 Lisa Brawn

Pileated Woodpecker | © 2010 Lisa Brawn    Barn Owl 2 | © 2010 Lisa Brawn             Cardinal 3 | © 2010 Lisa Brawn       

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