Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Launch Day to Design Idiom & Happy Birthday to Marc Newson!

Well, this is my first official post on my new blog, Design Idiom.  So, to celebrate, I thought I'd start off with a bang!  Or, perhaps more appropriately, a pop!  Since today also happens to be Marc Newson's birthday, I wanted to share one of his designs fitting for the occasion - The Black Box for Dom Pérignon.

L - March Newson via Designophy, R - The Black Box for Dom Pérignon via Cars and Toys

Newson collaborated with Dom Pérignon to develop a sleek and sexy, yet utilitarian, package design.  The black and green case will not only protect your beautiful bottle of champagne against damage during travel, it also guarantees the bottle will remain chilled to the perfect temperature until you're ready to pop the top!  Newson had this to say about Dom Pérignon, and I couldn't agree more, "In terms of design, the fantastic silhouette of the bottle has stood the test of time - it remains unchanged since its creation and has become an icon."

I love it!  It's not overly designed, nor does it detract from the lead role, Dom.  Happy birthday, Mr. Newson - wishing you good health, happiness and many more great design ideas to share with the world!

It's my desire to share great designs with you all, be it art, fashion or architecture.  I look forward to growing this blog into a wellspring of resources.  Thanks for stopping by!

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