Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party!

If you’re planning to host a holiday party, first things first, make sure you get organized.  Of course you’ll need to decide on a menu, for both food and drinks.  And you’ll want to be sure to have appropriate decorations/serving wear, not to mention ample seating for your guests.  But one thing that is often over-looked, is music.  Don’t fall victim to procrastination; take the time to gather festive holiday tunes and put together a playlist.  Then, let your iPod do the rest! 

Last but not least, prepare yourself for the party as well.  We often get so wrapped up in the details that we hardly leave time to for ourselves.  My advice?  Get as much done the day before the party (i.e. cleaning, cooking, table setting, etc.) to allow for your own pampering the day of the throw-down.  It’s important to look as put-together as possible, if only to convince yourself that you have nothing to stress about.  Ladies, the morning of your party, get a manicure.  Hell, gents, do the same.  Your hands say a lot about you…so let them say, “I look amazing!”  Next, pick out a fabulous pair of shoes.  If you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, do it!  It’s only one night and you’ll impress everyone with your dedication to style in addition to everything else.  And finally, break out the jewelry.  Men, this means cufflinks and watches…you’re not off the hook.  It’s these special occasions that warrant a bit of bling, so don’t be shy.

Now, with all of this having been said, my biggest piece of advice is to enjoy yourself.  You’ll find yourself mingling and much more relaxed if you've taken the time in advance to be sure you're prepared.  Which means you won’t have to cling to a bottle of bubbly all night!

Below are a few of my picks that’ll help turn your party into a successful night to remember.

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