Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tim Mancinas? Folk Yeah!

For some time now, I’ve wanted to chronicle the works of art and pieces of furniture that my husband and I have collected over the years.  We have bought directly from artists, through auctions, in stores, online…you name it, we’ve done it.  But for me, personally, I like working directly with an artist/designer.  Although I haven’t had any work commissioned per say (not counting tattoos) I have, as I mentioned, contacted artists directly to see what they’ve got, and have ended up with some great pieces as a result of this method of shopping. 

One of the first artists whose work we had to have, is a gentleman by the name of Tim Mancinas.  We first started seeing his work around St. Louis in, oh, I don’t know, 2006?  2007?  I remember one of his paintings, “Career Woman” was displayed in one of my favorite shops in The Loop – Phoenix Rising.  And he had done a mural for another shop in The Loop (now closed, unfortunately) – Fifi’s.

L - Career Woman by Tim Mancinas, R - Mural by Tim Mancinas. Images ©Tim Mancinas.

We ended up getting his number from the owner of Fifi’s, I believe, and contacted him about his work.  He was actually setting up for a show, and met us for a preview where we ended up purchasing two pieces before his opening!  My husband, being a big Johnny Cash fan, opted for "Cash" and I, being a longtime admirer of Marylin Monroe, went for "Marylin".  I must admit, it was kind of fun seeing SOLD stickers on two of his paintings the first night of his exhibition.  
Cash by Tim Mancinas

Marylin by Tim Mancinas
Although many of his paintings are portraits of pop icons, he draws inspiration from a wide variety of origins.  Mancinas mixes pop art with low brow art, abstract expressionism with spiritual and religious beliefs, all of which have become key ingredients in making Tim Mancinas the artist he is today.

L - Ecce Homo by Tim Mancinas, R - Live Blues Tonite by Tim Mancinas. Images ©Tim Mancinas.


  1. Tim rocks! I've been a huge fan of his stuff since the mid 90's when he did some great gigposter art for our band as well as helping with our first release.

  2. Yeah, the gigposters of his that I've seen are badass!