Friday, February 10, 2012

Folk Art Friday - Feed Bags!

This morning, I was out antiquing when I came across these 3 feed bags.  I was immediately drawn to the colors and the images screen-printed on the bags but wasn't sure if I "needed" them.  After walking through the entire store, I couldn't stop thinking about how fun these bags would be on a wall of an informal dining room.  I decided to get them, hoping I could find more info about them online, but I really haven't been able to dig up too much.  If anyone out there reading this has any info on "Border Brand" or "Polka Dot Brand" feed bags from the "Clement Feed Mill" in Waco, TX, printed by "W. Freeman - now Freeman Printing Company" please shoot me an e-mail!

Regardless of their value, I like them!  They appeal to me.  So I'm declaring them folk art and I'm looking forward to displaying them soon.  I'll update this post with additional photos when I get them up!

Border Brand Dairy Feed Bag

Border Brand Range Cubes

Polka Dot Beef Finisher

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