Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in Business!

The past couple of months have been absolutely hectic, but now that things have settled down, I'm ready to rock!  Back in May, my husband was promoted to General Manager of Document Management in South Florida.  A few weeks later, Josh moved from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale.  He lived in hotels during the week and flew home on the weekends.

Meanwhile, I was frantic - trying to find a home in an area I'd only visited once - and had just two house hunting trips to do so.  Thankfully we were hooked up with an AMAZING realtor who not only helped us find a great home, but became a friend along the way and supported us in every way possible!  (Thanks, Robert!)  If you find yourself looking for a realtor in South Florida, please let me know and I'll pass his information along to you!

So, now that we're moved in, and (almost) everything's in its place, I'm excited to get back to blogging!  Getting acquainted with the art/design industry down here is gonna take some time, but I've already started networking at estate sales and look forward to really getting nestled into the design community.


  1. Very good.... Very good..... you have been missed by your enormous fan base. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the update.... It will be interesting to see what south Florida has to offer. We love your site.