Tuesday, March 24, 2015

For Your Eyes Only

About a month ago, I went to the optometrist for my annual eye exam.  So when it came time to pick out a new pair of glasses, I knew I wanted to do something fun and different from what I've done the past two years, i.e. Ray-Bans.

Please excuse the cell phone selfie...

So, I shopped around for a bit and thought I knew what I wanted - Blonde Tortoiseshell Cat Eyes.  But I stumbled into an eyecare shop near our house that flipped my optical world upside-down: Eye Contact West

Family operated business service South Florida for over 30 years.

The shop is set up like a jewelry store - that's right, jewelry for your face! - so initially I had the inclination to turn around and leave because I didn't necessarily want to work with someone just to try on glasses.  But boy am I glad I stayed!  The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and they genuinely love assisting people to find the perfect pair of glasses.  Plus they carry an amazing selection of high end, boutique designer frames. 

I truly must have tried on 150 pairs of glasses!  And during the process I learned that my current Ray-Bans don't actually fit me properly at all!  They have a poor temple fit and are also ill-fitting throughout the temple.

After spending roughly 2 hours playing dress-up, I narrowed my selection down to 5 frames.  No easy feat, I must add.  I tried on Dita, Wissing, Roger and so many other brands including the following five finalists:

Amanda from Collection No 1 by MYKITA

From MYKITA: COLLECTION NO1 is the home of calm and collected forms. It lays the foundations for the MYKITA range, which now comprises around a dozen lines. The stainless steel frames are cut out of sheet metal and, in similar style to the Japanese principle of origami, then bent and folded to become a three-dimensional object. The openly displayed snap-hinge system, which supplied the innovative principle for all subsequent collections, symbolises the fundamental design principle of MYKITA; the technical solution must at the same time be an aesthetic one.

Voice from Prada

From FramesDirect: Prada glasses are the perfect fit for people who appreciate the blending of modern technology and contemporary design. Quality and constant product innovation are among the hallmarks of Prada’s eyeglass design ethic, bringing contemporary luxury to people of strong character and unique style.  Prada eyeglasses are distinctive, not only for their high quality standards, but for their forward-thinking approach to style. If you’re looking for a non-conventional interpretation of fashion that embraces technology while respecting tradition, then look no further than Prada’s distinctive line of eyeglass frames.

Not the pair I wanted, but similar pair from Patty Paillette

From Eye Candy Optical: With love and passion, Patty Paillette creates a beautiful product made in Italy all hand made by artisan people.  The creativity and energy that is a Patty Paillette frame becomes a bright and magical piece of eyewear that will generate a plethora of complements from friends and strangers.

Bocca Sixties S4 from Face a Face

From Face à FaceFar from standardized fashion diktats and conformist trends , each collection  asserts its artistic temperament , drawing its inspiration from the sources of Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design.  Face à Face frames are developed within the design studio directed by Pascal Jaulent resembling small subtle pieces of architecture, playing with volumes, shapes, material and textures.


Rose and Navy Frames from Dior

From Eyewear Brands: Dior eyewear can seduce anyone who comes across them. Thanks to their sophisticated lines of vintage style and couture trimming, Dior has managed to remain at the top as a fashion legend. Dior Glasses pay attention to detail, lavish use of layers of expensive materials which is considered to be extremely extravagant. Dior Glasses have a unique colour palette, the styles define elegance and accentuate all face shapes. The brand keeps its luxurious heritage to heart.


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  2. Meant to say---Those really look GREAT on you! I love how the frames are light on the bottom and dark on the top. I may have to check that place out when we're there.

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