Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's "High" Time We See Some Art!

A couple of weeks ago, Josh and I finally ventured out of the suburbs and made it down to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  I really wanted to see the Picasso to Warhol exhibit, but I also hadn’t been to the High since the completion of the expansion designed by Renzo Piano in 2002.  Josh had never been there, so a visit to the museum was very much in order!  Over the next week, I’ll highlight a few of my favorite pieces...

One of the first works of art you encounter is House III, located prominently in the Museum’s outdoor sculpture garden.  House III is one in a series of House Sculptures created by American pop artists, Roy Lichtenstein, between the years of 1992 and 1997.  The fun thing about this piece is that upon your approach, the painted aluminum structure appears as though it’s protruding toward you.  But as you continue walking along the path towards the museum, you realize the corner of the house is actually inverted.  If I had been using my brain, I would have shot a video to share. 

House III by Roy Lichtenstein
In the museum’s piazza, you pass the monumental sculpture Companion, created by the Brooklyn-based artist, Brian Donnelly (aka KAWS), which represents just one of the many subjects he has distorted from familiar pop culture icons.  Part Mickey Mouse, part skull and cross bones, the cartoonish gray-scale sculpture is posed in a way reminiscent of Rodin’s The Thinker.

Companion by KAWS

If you’re into his work, be sure to check out the upcoming KAWS exhibition: Down Time (February 18 – May 20, 2012) at the High.

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