Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love is the "Essence" of Life

Earlier this week, I blogged about a set of dining chairs we bought when we purchased our first house.  Designed by Alfredo Häberli, the curvilinear lines of the Segesta chair are clean and (to use an trite word in the design industry) sexy.  Häberli has a knack for designing functional yet beautiful objects as can be seen in his Essence collection of glassware for Iittala

Essence Collection designed by Alfredo Häberli (Iittala)

I love the way this stemware creates a stunning, balanced composition when set on a table.  Which, according to Häberli, is no accident.  Straight from the horse’s mouth, Häberli has this to say about the inspiration for this collection:

“My personal heritage was essential for this project. Knowing the gastronomic business well (restaurant & hotel in my family), my aim was to integrate this knowledge in a modern shape. Not losing the scientific functionality of a shape in relation to the liquid. The idea for the glass range was to create a balance between tradition and modernity, between celebration and daily use, a balance with one and different uses. In a way, I tried to find the essence in-between. The shape was a challenge for production. The most difficult detail was the stem going into the completely flat bottom plate. This detail with the trapeze shape of the bowl gives the unusual character of the glasses. The water glass is without a stem and can be used as a shot glass or table wine glass in a daily function. The carafe has a pinky colour inspired by having some wine drops in a glass that reflects in the whole body. Sometimes drops on a table line leave the same pinky colour.” 

L - Alfredo Häberli via Wogg, R - Essence Pitcher 100cl Sweet Pink - Alfredo Häberli via Iittala.

My favorite piece from this collection is the “pinky colour” carafe.  I’m lucky enough to have snagged one of these before they went out of production along with the tumblers, red wine and champagne glasses.

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