Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Generally speaking, I have an eclectic eye for style.  But that being said, I can tend to get caught up in a single design idiom for long periods of time and then find myself trying to mash-up items I already have to create a cohesive, well balanced space.

Now that we're all moved into our new house in South Florida, we've been working on getting all of our rooms up to par.  There's tons of work to be done all throughout the house, but we are going to focus on the bedrooms first, since those will require the least amount of effort.

First up, Guest Bedroom #1.  This room is pretty basic.  Other than the king size bed and the little library, there isn't much else going on in here besides a small chair and two "side tables".  We don't have to do too much to this room, but we are going to add crown molding and drapes after we paint the walls and a ceiling fan - an essential down here.  And I think it goes without saying, the vertical blinds have to go!  We'll also be adding a few more pieces of art to the room once it's all buttoned up as well as a lamp or two.

As a quick little study, I threw together this design board to see how everything we already had in the space (or will have soon) would work together.  Right now, the only thing I'm waiting on is the Marimekko Kivet duvet cover - which will be here Thursday!  As you can see, the palette is pretty modern, so I'll  need to find some fun little antiques to throw in here to keep the vintage modern vibe we've got going on throughout the rest of the house.
1. Blue-Green Sheet Set  2. Panton Chair 3. Coral Painted Wooden Side Table 4. Marimekko Kivet Duvet Cover 5. B&B Italia "George" Low Table 6. Alias Tamar Tables 1 & 3
I also photoshopped some down and dirty images to help us make some decisions concerning the drapes and a headboard.  Excuse the crappy executions, and give me your thoughts.  I think we're leaning towards the white drapes and a tufted headboard, but in white instead of black as shown below.

1. Gunmetal 2. Coral 3. White
1.Black Tufted 2. White French Provencial


  1. Agreed. The whites will tie in nicely and I like the tufts which echo the dots on the duvet. I think the pink curtains would also make the little pink table pop, but not sure it would make sense overall with the blue walls. Fun post. Me likey.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I suggested white drapes with pink flamingos, but Josh thought I was nuts. Thanks for your input, it's great to get feedback!

  2. I agree with the white, too, and you know what great design sense I have!

  3. Maybe we should paint the room this week!

  4. Nora Carolyn Gagznos-DillonDecember 3, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    I absolutely LOVE the colors that you have selected for your new home's bedrooms............so soft and lovely! Cannot wait to come and visit you !!!!

  5. You need to know how much you have to spend and how much each item costs. No point in buying that wonderful four poster bed you've always wanted then being unable to afford the right bedding to make it look great.
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