Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paint! Paint! Paint!

This weekend, we took advantage of Sherwin-Williams' Four Day Super Sale and bought 7 gallons of paint and a handful of painting supplies.  If you're in the market for paint, this is a great deal - 40% off paint and 30% off supplies!  All-in-all, we spent under $200 and have enough paint to cover 2,500 square feet.  For now, we're only painting the dining room, the hallways and all four bedrooms.  We'll get to the rest of the house later...

From left to right on paint paddles - SW 7030 Anew Gray, SW 6470 Waterscape, SW 6878 Animated Coral, HGTV Home White Interior Paint, SW 6479 Drizzle.


  1. Anew Gray - halls and dining. Waterscape - guest bedroom with the king size bed (instead of the hazel color i had shown in my previous post). Animated Coral - guest bedroom with full size bed. Drizzle - office and our bedroom, with a white chair rail (like we did at Risdon).